Todd Cheek, CPT

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Todd Cheek is the CEO and Founder of the Todd’s Health Zone, which is a personal training and weight loss coaching company. Todd has worked within the fitness industry over 12 years and is a certified trainer through NESTA. While in New York City, he  worked with doctors and their patients in the area of weight loss, conducting weight management classes and also implementing wellness solutions within a practice as a consultant. He was also one of the leading coordinators of the Doctors for a Healthier Bronx, a non for profit organization designed to bring health awareness to the Bronx communities.

Locally in Greensboro, Todd shares his passion for health and wellness through public speaking and his television show. He is now a soon-to-be author of his new book scheduled to be released in January 2017. You may find out more about Todd’s programs, such as his 90 Day Transformation program and his online personal training platform on his website,

Stop the Fat Confusion!!

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