Private Studio or Conventional Gym?

The shortest distance between two places is represented by a straight line.  This simple fact holds true in any discipline including meeting your fitness and wellness goals.  Many people take a very “indirect” path to their fitness goals straying to and fro between one unsuccessful exercise modality to another, often wasting time and becoming frustrated with exercise all together, and eventually giving up on exercise.  Why does this so often happen? 



The reason is usually a lack of a program that leads directly to their fitness goal.  Anyone who has been a member at a conventional gym has seen the proverbial “cardio queen” that still spends long bouts of low intensity work on the elliptical machine remaining in the same condition as 3 years prior, or the guy that puts heavy weight on the bench press, does 5 reps, grunt and walks over to the mirror to see if his midsection has diminished by one millimeter (it hasn’t, sorry), or the overweight person that only works abs and can’t understand why their stomach isn’t flat.  Although all of these scenarios seem a bit exaggerated the point is that most people don’t know the directions to their destination when it comes to reaching their fitness goals and are too self-conscious to step out of their comfort zone on their own.  



Now, how does a person find this direction or road map that leads directly to their fitness goal in the least amount of time without the typical pitfalls along the way?  The answer is a fitness professional that can help set fitness goals, design a program around those goals and coach and direct them through this straight-line process.  Most seasoned fitness professionals have capitalized on this disparity by practicing individualized custom training.   


Most of these established personal trainers have gravitated to personal training studios that are private without many of the distractions of conventional gyms, where people go for “straight line” directions to their fitness goals.  Experienced trainers in private studios are freer to

design programs around results that they have had with real clients in the past as opposed to a “cookie cutter” program that has been designed for them, or a workout sheet out of the filing cabinet that is given out as a courtesy to everyone no matter their condition or goals.  


There is also privacy afforded by those studios that makes for a more comfortable environment for people who have become self-conscious of their deconditioned state.  This environment is much more comfortable for the person that is too self-conscious to step out of their comfort zone and ask for help in a crowded gym.  The personal training studio has a limited number of people that are engaged with their trainer and not watching and critiquing what others are doing.  The typical person in a personal training studio is serious about their fitness goals and how to reach them, not standing around and socializing.   

Private studios do not lock you into a long-term membership or contract.  You pay for what you get, usually on a set number of visits with the option to purchase more sessions when those are used.  You don’t end up getting locked into a gym membership that you are not or paying for an insane amount of personal training sessions with the trainer the gym assigns to you.  You may or may not be compatible or satisfied with the trainer you are assigned.  In a personal training studio, you can research and choose the trainer that most meets your style of training and has a track record of getting results.   

If you are someone that wants to reach your fitness goals in the most efficient manner, in an environment that you feel comfortable in look for a private personal training studio that has seasoned personal trainers.

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